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for spreading Smiles to everyone

We are a group of people who are highly passionate towards our mission and our tagline “Miles of Smiles”, making the happiest place not only for our customers but also to everybody who are associated with Kinal.

One of the most important value to change any industry is Collaboration. We love the quote “You must be strong but we are Stronger”. We are building an amazing Team Culture which we learnt it hard from our experience.

Our team is inspired to be real, face challenges, have fun and deliver excellence.

We strive to create unique products and experiences for our customers and we thrive on creating innovative and happy experiences for our teams.

Kinal team is growing fast. We would love you to be part of making KINAL the happiest place for everybody.



We believe that the younger generation should work for small companies for 1 full year before taking up the responsibility of entrepreneur. They should understand the real definition of business . We want to build business community. We want to make people aware of what does it take to become an owner of small business. Need to learn the trade in each and every function like Sales, Marketing, Finance, Procurement, People Management. We teach very passionately. Infact we don’t teach, they learn by working here. We believe that we need to take some responsibility in training young people each year thereby contributing for a better society

Come join us! If you have the same thirst or want to help us, please mail your resumes at [email protected]