Mumbai, India


The Gap

India is one of the largest producer of agriculture products for the world and especially Spices is one of the biggest exporter of the world. There are lot of exporters in the market who do the business of exports in this category but very few had the courage to do passionately and professionally. There is a big gap of transparency, integrity and professionalism. You will see majority of the times a big gap between product of samples and real product. We would like to take pride in informing and have the courage to write it in the website that we deal with high integrity, professionalism and transparency of each and every deal. We deal with passion with a focused approach towards the industry and farmers. We give customer centric solutions and do not hurry up the orders. We always insist the customer and guide the customer irrespective of whether he gives business to us or not.

What makes us special ?

Kinal stands for extremes in Fortune, Health and Spirituality. Our main goal is to spread the smiles across the globe. We work with passion and have an approach of Relationship & Human Values First and Profit next. We really wanted to make people whoever is associated with us with fortune, health and happiness. We have absolutely fantastic associations with farmers and does export business with right attitude. Our core strength lies in understanding the subjects of agriculture and also understand the benefits of exporting the right product as per the importer’s standards. The first step for processing an agriculture product is right farming techniques and the next is the processing and quality management technique. Our philosophy is to keep our end user in mind while we process the raw materials. We are very sensitive towards confident reporting to our customers. We invest a considerable amount of time and efforts in identifying right source of the product that we export where we focus not only in development of our product and export market but also our people and their skill-sets. All our products have high regards which are acceptable across the globe. Our non-compromisable stringency in selection and optimization of Raw Materials, Packaging Materials and Processing Areas help us build confidence in our products. In agriculture business, we value the problems of the customers and give them considerable amount of confidence in dealing by adjusting our profits. We do not run away with problems if there is any quality issue. We will try to sort it and if needed we will reimburse the amount confidently with trust.

Our Track Record

We have a vast experience of farming and understanding the product with right sourcing. We have established ourselves as one of the trusted and honest exporters since the start of the company. We have been recognised as one of the most trustworthy exporter in India by not only our foreign clients but also our vendors who are associated with us. We do not over trade the business and also work with thin margins by giving benefit to the end user and customer. Ours is the company where we align our organisational goal with our Vision, Mission and core values,

Over the years, Kinal Global Care Pvt Ltd has established itself as one of the most reliable export partner for importers all over the globe. Currently, we export to close to 17 countries with 86 products. Our 90% successful retention indicates how we value the relationship. In short, Kinal Global Care Private Limited has shown successful track record of exporting agro products that are satisfied across the globe.

  1. Quality Control Specialist in each process before the order
  2. Procurement and scrutinity to the fullest from farmers/ processor before the order
  3. Quality Control Specialist in each process during the order .Specialist (If required agro scientist/ Quality management guy) will deal throughout the process.
  4. Direct involvement of Kinal management for each shipment.
  5. Adhering to our core values for each process. (Quality, Integrity, Accuracy, Commitment and Collobaration)
  6. Live Product photos and video update.
  7. Transparency and Genunity in Knowledge sharing to buyers.
  8. Willingness to help the customer without any sale’s expectation
  9. Execute only limited orders per month to exceed customer’s expectation
  10. Compensation if any will be in righteous manner after the shipment with proof