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We Export Dill Seeds Sortex Quality without seed Seeds for Us FDA Guarantee and Asta Quality. Dill Is An Annual Herb Native Of Central Asia; It Is Also Widely Grown In Europe And Northern Africa For Its Culinary And Medicinal Use. Dill seed, Dried Leaves of the Same Plant Is Also Used for Flavoring. It Is Milder In Taste When Compared To Dill Seed. Dill Seeds Are Originated In Central Asia. It Is However Is Also Grown In Large Quantity in Egypt And Mediterranean Countries Or Eastern Europe. It Is Also Getting Popular In North America. It’s Related Species Sowa Is Grown in India Whose Fruits Are Larger but Less Fragrant. India And Pakistan Are The Major Dill Production Areas, Egypt, Fiji, Mexico, Netherlands, United States, England, Hungary Are Other Commercially Productive Areas, Making Small Contributions To The World Production.

India Is The Leading Producer Of Dill Seed And Its Derivatives. The Exports Of The Essential Oil And Seeds Have Grown Over The Past Five Years. India Supplies Whole and Powdered Spice To Various European Countries.

Specification of Dill Seeds:
Parameters Value
Product Name Dill Seeds
Origin India
Type Sortex Cleaned / Machine Cleaned
Purity 99.5% / 99%
Extraneous Foreign Matter (% By Weight) 4 Max
Excreta Mammalian (By Mg./Lb) 3 Mg/Lb Max
Excreta Other (By Mg./Lb) 2 Mg/Lb Max
Mold (% By Wgt.) 1% Max
Insect Defiled/ Infested (% By Wgt.) 1% Max
Total Ash 9.25% Max
Acid Insoluble Ash 1.50% Max
Flavor 1.50% Max
Moisture 10% Max
Salmonella Absent / 25Gms
Container Of Dill Seeds:
Type Of Container Quantity
20′Fcl 13.5 Mt
40′Fcl 27 Mt
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How To Select A Genuine Exporter Of Dill Seeds?
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Specification of Dill Seeds:
Product Dill Seeds Powder
Item No. KGC-DSP-111
Grade AAA
Features No speckle, no mould, no pesticide, Hand selected
Color Natural yellow brown
Size Diameter:5-8mm
Admixture 1% max
Shape Whole, slice, broken, powder(5-65 mash)
Moisture 14% max
Certificate Spices Board, Apeda.
Crop Current Year
MOQ 2 tons
Samples Free or available
The countries which are importing Dill Seeds from India are:
United StatesUnited States

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