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Pineapple (Ananas comosus) is an important fruit of India. Pineapple is cultivated in an area of 89 thousand ha and total production is 1,415.00 thousand tons. It is abundantly grown in almost entire North East region, West Bengal, Kerala, Karnataka, Bihar, Goa and Maharashtra states.

Grading Standards:

After harvesting, the fruits are graded according to size, shape, maturity, and freedom from diseases and blemishes. The cut surface is treated with a suitable fungicide to control fungal decay.

Size Weight
A 1500 g and over
B 100 – 1500 g
C 800 – 1100 g
D Less than 800 g
Baby Approx. 550 g


When fruits are transported for long distances or to be stored for several days, refrigerated transport is required to slow down ripening process. In tropical areas, partially ripe, healthy and unbruised pineapple could be stored for almost 20 days when refrigerated at 10-130C with RH 85-90%. Fruits harvested in early stage of ripening are stored at 7-10°C. Exposure of pineapples to temperatures below 7°C results in chilling injury. Controlled atmosphere storage (3-5% O2 and 5-8% CO2) delayed senescence and reduced respiration.

Temperature: 7 – 10 °C (Half ripe or fully ripe fruits)
10 – 13 °C (Fully green fruits)
Relative Humidity:
Storage Period:
85 – 95%
3-5 weeks (depending on cultivar and ripening stage)
Freezing point – 1°C

Pineapple Importing Countries


For local markets, fruits are packed in bamboo baskets lined with paddy-straw. The first layer of fruits is arranged in such a way that they stand on their stumps. The second layer of fruits is arranged on the crowns of the first layer fruits. Each basket weights 20-25 kg. For distant markets, fruit are wrapped individually with paddy straw and then packed.

For export purpose the pineapples are packed into fibreboard or wood containers. The fruits are placed vertically or horizontally in container. The interspace between the fruits should be filled with straw and firm lining all around the container. For long-distance transportation, fruits are held at 7°C for 10-20 days.