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The sunflower seed is the fruit of the sunflower (Helianthus annulus). The term “sunflower seed” is actually a misnomer when applied to the seed in its per carp hulls. Botanically speaking, it is a cypsela. When dehulled, the edible remainder is called the sunflower kernel or heart.

It is a tall, erect, herbaceous annual plant belonging to the family of Asteraceae, in the genus, Helianthus. Its botanical name is Helianthus annulus. It is native to Middle American region from where it spread as an important commercial crop all over the world through the European explorers. Today, Russian Union, China, USA, and Argentina are the leading producers of sunflower crop.

It produces grayish-green or black seeds encased in tear-dropped shaped gray or black shells that oftentimes feature black and white stripes. Since these seeds have a very high oil content, they are one of the main sources used to produce polyunsaturated oil. Shelled sunflower seeds have a mild nutty taste and firm, but tender texture. Their taste is oftentimes compared with the Jerusalem artichoke (not to be confused with the bulb artichoke), another member of the Helianthus family.

Sweet, nutty sunflower seeds are an excellent source of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Sunflower kernels actually employed to extract edible oil at commercial levels. Besides being eaten as popular snacks, they are also used in the kitchen to prepare variety of recipes.

Specification of Sunflower Seeds:

Crop New Year
Origin India
Quality A+
Mean Of Selection Machine Cleaned
Purity 99% Min.
Moisture 7.5% Max.
Admixture 1% Max.
Imperfect 1% Max.
Package 20/25 Kg Craft Paper bags or Plastic Woven Bags, According To Your Requirement.
Minimum Order 13 Metric Ton/ 20` FCL

Container of Sunflower Seeds:

Type Of Container Quantity
20′Fcl 13 MT

The countries which are importing Sunflower Seeds from India are:

Pakistan Pakistan


United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Australia Australia
United States United States
New ZealandNew Zealand