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Coriander is an ayurvedic medicinal herb; it is also used as an important ingredient in making curries and other dishes. The seed is used as it is ground into a powder and used. Coriander seeds also have important medicinal properties. Coriander has many important vitamins and minerals. It provides calcium, phosphorus, iron and some other vitamins such as vitamin B and vitamin C. We can offer Fine Quality in both seeds & powder form.

Coriander is an important spice crop having a prime position in flavoring food. The plant is a thin stemmed, small, bushy herb, 25 to 50 cm in height with many branches and umbels. Leaves are alternate, compound. The whole plant has a pleasant aroma. Inflorescence is a compound umbel comprises 5 smaller umbels. Fruit is globular, 3 to 4 mm diameter, when pressed break into two locales each having one seed. Fruit has delicate fragrance; seeds are pale white to light brown in color.

Product Specification:

Product Name Coriander Seeds
Type Seed Whole and Splits
Packing 40/ 50 KG PP Bags/ Jute Bags
Laudability 9.5 Metric Tonnes
Plant source Coriander, (Coriandrum sativum L.)
Purity 99% Min.
Flavor Aromatic
Moisture 12-14% Max
Admixture 2% Max
Immature Seed 3% Max
Broken 5% Max
Total Ash 10% Max
Acid Insoluble Ash 1.25% Max

Container Capacity:

Type Of Container Quantity
20′Fcl 8 Mt
40′Fcl 20 Mt

The countries which are importing Black Pepper Seeds from India are:

United StatesUnited States
South AfricaSouth Africa
Sri LankaSri Lanka
UAEUnited Arab Emirates
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
Singapore Singapore
United KingdomUnited Kingdom


Coriander is probably native to the Middle East and southern Europe, but has also been known in Asia and the Orient for millennia. It is found wild in Egypt and the Sudan, and sometimes in English fields. It is referred to in the Bible in the books of Exodus and Numbers, where the colour of ‘manna’ is compared to coriander.

Specification of Coriander Powder:

Coriander Powder KGC-CP-111
Foreign matter 0.5%
Total Ash 9 %
Acid insoluble ash value 1.5 %
Volatile Oil 0.3 to 1%
Heavy metal as lead 2.5 PPB
Aflatoxin 5 PPB
Aresenic 5 PPB
Copper 20 PPB
Zinc 50 PPB
Lead 10 PPB
Chromate Test Negative
Protein 15 % Max


50Kg Pp Bags / Jute Bags 10MT in a 1X20 ft container.

The countries which are importing Coriander Powder from India are:

United StatesUnited States
South AfricaSouth Africa
UAEUnited Arab Emirates
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
Australia Australia
United Kingdom