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Corn gluten meal, also called corn gluten powder, mainly consists of corn protein contains a small amount of starch and fiber. Less common corn protein powder particles, powder, orange yellow, Fried bean flavor, a little tasteless advanced corn protein powder granule, powder, golden brown, have bean fragrance. Due to the different USES and different production technology to produce corn protein flour nutrients, directly affecting the effective utilization and economic benefit of feed formula. Pure corn protein powder lead content is very low, because corn absorb from the soil around 0.2 0.3 mg/kg of lead. Almost to detect the normal case, if the lead content is exorbitant, indicates which may doped lead high leather meal, feather meal, etc.

Second, the real corn protein powder as wet corn starch or corn syrup of legal system, material removal of starch, corn Germ and corn husks after the rest of the product, its light golden brown, outside with the smell of grilled corn, and has a special corn fermentation smell, conventional detection appearance, moisture content, crude protein, such as three indicators, and amino acids and detection probability is very low.

Corn protein powder, protein nutrition is rich, can be used for feed use, compared with feed industry commonly used fish meal, soybean cake, resource advantage, high feeding value, do not contain toxic and harmful substances, does not need to processing, can be directly used as raw material plant sex protein.

Specifications of Corn Gluten Meal:
Product Corn Gluten Meal
Characters Yellow To Light Yellow Powder
Admixture Nil
Protein 18 % Min.
Moisture 12% Max.
crude fat (on dry basis) 5% Max.
Crude fiber (on dry basis) 3.0% Max.
Ash (on dry basis) 2% Max.

Corn Gluten Feed:

Corn gluten Feed is corn starch, corn fiber, chopped corn, corn husk composite, through high temperature crushing, degreasing, acid bacteria strains in the deep, liquid, solid state mixed fermentation. By low temperature hydrolysis, the compound protein feed puffing drying production, color is brown. Nutrition rich, Have a variety of Nutritional properties of coarse grain, is rich in amino acids, is raising chickens, ducks, geese, the ideal of the newborn piggy pig, fish and all kinds of other animals feed.

Container of Corn Gluten Meal:

Type Of Container Quantity
20′Fcl 24 Mt

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